How to Reach Business Software Buyers and Convert Them to Sales-Ready Leads


The Web has had a huge impact on how people research business software. Companies used to rely on consultants, tradeshows and magazines for information, but now the Web is the primary resource buyers use to find and research products and services. In fact, even when someone learns about a company offline, they will likely go online to find out more about them. Because of this shift, the Web is the primary channel for software vendors to reach potential buyers.

With that in mind, software marketers must excel at each of these four steps:

1. Attract prospects to the company’s website.
2. Convert these web visitors into leads.
3. Track the referring campaign for each lead.
4. Qualify and cultivate the leads.

This may seem obvious and simple, but based on my conversations with thousands of software companies, few appear to execute all four of these elements successfully. Even if a software company performs the first step well, chances are good that they fail at the rest.
The website is the lynchpin of software lead generation success. This blog-post will provide practical advice for getting the most out of your company’s website and your online marketing campaigns – with particular attention paid to the goal of maximizing qualified leads, sales and revenue.


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