It starts with You

So, what about yourself?

We have all seen Al Gores movie “An Inconvenient Truth” – some think it’s a real eye opener, some think it’s just al gore again making money. But one or the other it encourages people to think about our planet somehow and do something.

“But what can I do?” you might think. “It is such a big issues and little me cannot do anything to save the world…or can I?” You are right, the world is in big trouble, but I think that if we all do small things in our homes, like turning off the light when you don’t need it, go by bike or walk if you just go down town to get some tomates, tell your friends and family about the things you do at home or just tell them you opinion to get some discussions started….

These are just small things you easily can do in order to prevent CO2 Emission out to our atmoshere.

So let’s get started, change your way of thinking now…


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