Educating others about global warming

You’ve seen An Inconvenient Truth. You’ve made changes in your life to reduce your carbon footprint. Looking for something else to do to help solve the climate crisis? How about telling others about what you did in your home or travel the world to tell people about it.

I’m going to open an exhibition room in my town where I live, where there is going to be posters about the global warming theme. Pictures and posters about the precious things in nature, disaster photos etc.

Furthermore I’m encouraging my family to take action. E.g. my father works at a school taking care of all the practical things, he is going to take initiative to a “Green Week”, where both the teachers and children are going to be educated about global warming.

So, what are your thought about doing something to educate people? Please feel free to write me a comment.


4 responses to “Educating others about global warming

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  2. I tell each and every person I can to avoid Global Warming like Scientology. It will ruin your ability to think critically and waste your money.

  3. Hi Beate,
    Amid all the gloom don’t forget to think about some positive things – walking or cycling instead of jumping in the car makes you fitter for example. Or try making a poster of ‘Be more active in the house’ (If you move around instead of collapsing in front of the TV you’ll feel warmer so you can turn the heating down).

    Make it fun. And give people an opportunity to change something in their lives to help combat climate change (a pledge card for example). And try not to preach – some people can change quicker than others and no one likes having a finger poked at them.

  4. Yes, Simon you are totally right about that the preaching doesn’t help. And myself I love beeing active, so fantastic combination, doing something for your health, body and the environment. Thanks for the idea.

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