Green IT – It’s not only about saving energy

Green IT is not only about saving energy
There has been a lot of debate recently about how enterprises can save energy and power when using information technology in order to reduce co2 emission and combat global warming. Even though this is a serious and urgent matter to discuss we also have to understand that the most important contribution for information technology to ensure a viable future is not to reduce the power consumption of computers.

Information technology’s most important contribution to a stabil development is how we use it to compute, model and communicate about people’s, enterprises’ and the society’s environment, social and economic conditions. It’s all about how we use IT to support our strategies and initiatives in order to achieve a viable future.

Environmental, social and economical stable development
The biggest challenge is that it takes an environmental, social and economical viable development – and that all at the same time. This comprises very complex relations that all depend on each other e.g. when a huge amount of resources are used to fight the green house effect, there will be less resources to combat e.g. poverty in the developing countries. Is a country poor there are no resources for resolving environmental issues. The rise the oil price also rises the interest in finding oil in more difficult places. Furthermore, things change quickly today, what was current today, might not be it tomorrow.

Viable decisions require it
A sound development is about to make sure, that our future generations are able to live on a planet where its worth while living in. The choices we make today are mostly political and the effect of that will probably take a long time. It can take about 100 years only to see the effect of our climatic and environmental initiatives.

Nevertheless vi have the responsibility to evaluate those effects. Thats whats the aim of information technology. Its used o model complex relations and situations, to visualize econimical, environmental and social effects. IT should be used to communicate complex information to decision makers in order to give them a better overview about complex issues and help them make better desicions.

That’s why green IT is not only about saving power consumation but also about to use IT to find solutions to those challenges that involve a stable development.


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