Global Warming is undeniable

In a new U.S. report finds scientists that global warming is “incontrovertible”.

The proof is melting glaciers, higher humidity, warmer seawater and seven other indicators which show that Earth’s temperature has increased for each decade since the 1980s.

The many data are gathered in the report “The 2009 State of the Climate Report” published by U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 303 researchers from 48 countries have contributed.

Americans emit second most CO2
The report is published just as the U.S. Senate has refused to implement legislation to reduce U.S. emissions of CO2, the world’s second highest. Only China is larger.
The 10 key indicators of a hotter globe are: Higher temperatures over land, higher temperatures over the oceans, higher heat content in sea water, higher temperatures in the troposphere, where Earth’s weather formation, higher humidity, higher temperature at sea level, higher sea levels, less sea ice, less snow cover and shrinking glaciers.

The data confirms global warming
This report has investigated the circumstances from the top of the atmosphere to the ocean floor, and all the data confirm the planet’s warming, notes Peter Thorne of the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites of North Carolina.

– Every single indicator of change, as we would expect if the earth really getting warmer. Not a single analysis run counter to the global climate change. The conclusion on the bottom line that the world warmed, simply can not be denied, says Peter Thorne.

1998 is the warmest year measured. But 2010 seems to be able to beat the record since the first half has been a record warm.


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