Tips to stay younger and healthy longer

All living things on earth, is getting older with time. We are not there yet so much of the research that we are able to stop the aging process, and it is probably also very good. However, there are some lifestyle changes that help to either reduce or accelerate the process. Here are some tips if you want to stay young for long.

Maintain your ideal body weight
An ideal body weight where you are neither under or overweight, is the foundation for achieving good health. And the better health you have, the fewer defects will you get with age and you will keep you fit and healthy for longer.

Get lots of exercise
Exercise where you get your heart rate up. For example. Nordic walking, cycling, gymnastics or swimming for at least 30 minutes a day. If you exercise daily or almost daily, will not go more than a few months before you can feel a marked difference. Remember that you are never too old to exercise.

Drink water
If you think that clean water is boring in the long run, then eat soup often. Water plays a major role in maintaining good health. It helps digest food, so you can absorb the nutrients you need.It helps you avoid constipation. It gives you an important source of minerals like magnesium and calcium. Moreover, water moistens mucous membranes and lubricates the joints.

Drink less coffee, alcohol and smoke less cigarettes
Avoid tobacco, reduce alcohol consumption and caffeine. These things bring the body in overtime, as the stress on the cells and it gets the aging process to accelerate. You get wrinkles faster and cigarettes and alcohol increases the risk of lifestyle diseases.

Use the correct oil for cooking
Olive oil and rapeseed oil is the most beneficial to health. Use any oils cold after the food is prepared, then their good qualities are not destroyed by heat. Try. to mix olive oil with garlic and fresh basil and pour a teaspoon or two of your homemade pizza. Or mix rapeseed with Dijon mustard and rocket salad, salt and pepper and turn your cooked potatoes in the marinade afterwards.

Reduce sugar and fried food
Fried food and sugar is robbed of natural vitamins and minerals. The stressful body and triggers the production of free radicals, which are a significant factor in aging. It also increases fried food and sugar risks of obesity, resulting in a bad health.

Eat fiber-rich food
Eat high fiber foods as coarse vegetables, fruits, whole grains, oatmeal, wholemeal bread, brown rice, coarse paste, beans, nuts and seeds. High fiber food helps in digestion and you will more often go to the toilet. It is important to get to the toilet around. once a day, so the body’s waste products are not accumulating. Please remember that the more fiber you eat, the more water you should also drink because fiber binds the fluid in the intestine, and a combination of these, gives you a soft and easy bowel movements.

Eat a Vitamin pill every day
Take a multivitamin every day, even if you have healthy eating habits. Many vitamins and minerals are either light or heat sensitive. So when you cook your food, many vitamins and minerals lost. And it is a science and a full-time job in itself to figure out whether you have met your needs. Therefore, it is a good idea to supplement your diet with a multivitamin every day.

Sleep well
Minimum 7-8 hours each night. We are dependent on adequate and restful sleep, to rebuild our bodies and our minds. Sleep we not enough becomes the body such as worse to produce certain substances that affect the immune system. And the worse immune system you have, the longer it will take to get you over the disease, and it will drain the body’s resources and energy.


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