Reaching Business Software Buyers and Converting Them to Sales-Ready Leads

Attracting Prospects to Your Website

Online Venues
From search engines and online directories to industry-specific portals, there are numerous websites that attract software buyers and direct them to your website. I recommend trying any venue that does not lock you into a time commitment or minimum spend. The major search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN – are a great place to start.

Pricing Models
There are three predominant pricing models: CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPL (Pay Per Lead). CPM has been around the longest and carries with it the greatest risk – that the audience will not interact with your advertisement in any way. A buyer may not even see your ad, since an “impression” simply indicates that the ad has been delivered, meaning it is available on the page the buyer is viewing. This is how radio, television, newspaper, magazine, billboard and even banner ads operate. There is a world of difference between your ad being delivered to your audience and your ad being noticed, and preferably acted upon, by your audience. CPM can be successful in certain instances, but advertisers hould understand that these campaigns are notoriously difficult to measure and have a high failure rate.

Pay Per Click pricing eliminates the risk of paying for an audience that does not interact with your ad by only charging you for web visitors that have viewed AND clicked on your ad. It is worth pointing out that it does not guarantee that an audience member will become a lead or sale. However, since you are only charged for traffic that goes to your website, it is easy to determine if the campaign is effective based on whether or not the traffic converts to leads. One caveat worth mentioning is that some Pay Per Click venues do a poor job of removing duplicate, invalid or malicious clicks. Running test campaigns with limited budgets helps to quickly identify these venues at very little cost.

Pay Per Lead pricing further reduces the risk that ad dollars will not convert to leads. However, campaign success varies widely depending on how the venue defines a lead. Additionally, if your website is optimized to convert clicks to leads, your cost per lead may actually be lower with the Pay Per Click option.


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  1. Another great way to promote any product or servive is submitting articles its very common these days for bloggers to use articles from article directorys to ad content to their blogs. With a little effort and time its easy to get your webpages and your blog on some top ten search enine rankings using this method.

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